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CompassRock started in 2012 as the brainchild of David Woodward, who is the company’s President, and founder. Since that time, it has grown under his leadership to stand out as one of the leaders in the property management industry. Since it's inception, he has fostered a company culture with a strong emphasis on excellence, performance and innovation.

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CompassRock is a leader in green implementation initiatives. Our “Green Team” services are available to both existing property management clients and others seeking to maximize NOI. Through the implementation of sustainability programs and identification of low-cost initiatives, we assist our clients by maximizing their green quotient and minimizing their environmental impact.

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CompassRock supports sustainability
Technology we use to increase efficiency

Leveraging Technology

CompassRock is widely viewed as a leader in the real estate industry. One of the areas in which we excel is in leveraging technology to increase efficiency, improve operations and maximize financial results. We are often commended for our award-winning, leading-edge use of technology, which extends through every program and every level of the company.

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Client Services

Our experienced teams are dedicated to providing the best quality services to meet all our clients’ needs. CRRE’s internal teams are ready to assist in all operations and ensure delivery of the best possible service.

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Client services
About CompassRock Real Estate

Our Mission

CRRE’s mission is to provide the highest quality real estate services to our customers, clients and partners.

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